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Patio Renovation: Incorporating Decorative Concrete


When it comes to your patio, getting creative isn’t always easy. Usually, durability takes precedence when it comes to these spaces, which (we know)–doesn’t always scream “luxury.”Although these aren’t the areas where spend the majority of our time, aesthetics are still very important. After all, sitting on the patio is much more enjoyable with pleasant surroundings. Make your patio renovation a success and create an awesome space using the ideas below!

Bringing Decorative Concrete to Your Patio Renovation

When it comes to concrete patios, you might be surprised to find that you can do so much more with it than you may think. Here are several ways to use decorative concrete for an upgraded outdoor experience.

Add Color

color-stamped-concreteConcrete doesn’t have to be gray and boring. Actually, it can be stained almost any color under the sun. When it’s all said and done, you might not even know it’s concrete.

The staining process includes the use of a permanent color that works by penetrating the pores of the concrete. The color is then sealed for long-lasting protection, appearance, and maintenance.

When it comes to choosing a color, what works for you will depend on either your personal style or your existing outdoor design. The point is–you have options.

Some of the most popular colors for concrete staining include dark blue, red, and brown.

Concrete Stamping

Have you ever been to a barbecue in someone’s backyard and noticed their patio looked like it was made of bricks? More than likely, that look was achieved using a method called concrete stamping.

Concrete stamping is a technique that leaves a pattern or impression to create added elements of both texture and visual interest. The result can give the appearance of brick, stone, or slate.

When it comes to designs, they can be as simple or as complex as you choose. Simpler designs are generally more cost-effective than more elaborate ones.

For those with a taste for the finer things in life, you can even incorporate varying colors (see above). Choose hues that compliment one another in conjunction with your design for an extremely attractive end result.

Polished Concrete

Another way to spice up your outdoor patio with decorative concrete is to polish it. The final product will have a sleek appearance that is both durable and budget-friendly.

Concrete polishing works well in outdoor spaces that are covered and is a wonderful option for outdoor kitchens.

When it’s done right, you might even forget you’re outside for a little while. An added bonus? It’s extremely easy to clean.

Adding Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tiles are great for adding even more visual interest to an outdoor project, but we especially love them alongside decorative concrete. If you like to get really creative with your home improvement projects, the opportunities with mosaic tiles with decorative concrete are endless.

Whether you choose your own tiles and arrange them in different patterns, or search the internet for designs and inspiration, these colorful and aesthetically pleasing accents will work wonders for your outdoor hangout. Plus, they look exceptionally awesome around pools.

If you are interested in creating an awesome and unique concrete patio, contact KansasCityConcrete: Concrete in Kansas City today!

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