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Mike Denny | President

Mike was raised in and around the construction industry and has worked with concrete all his life. He started out his career as a Concrete Placement Product Supervisor with Beta Development. In 2005, Mike and his father, Don, founded Artistic Concrete Surfaces, LLC. Together, with their near 50 years of concrete construction experience, they have formed a very diverse and cutting-edge construction company.

  • Mike is acting President for the Concrete Promotional Group of Kansas City.
  • He is also Chairman of the Decorative Concrete Board, for which he helped create a Specifier’s Guide for both decorative concrete and polished concrete placement.
  • Mike is certified as a Master Concrete Finisher (and has been awarded) by the American Concrete Institute.
  • He is certified as a Master Craftsmen Concrete Polisher by the Concrete Polishing Association of America.

Mike also has a background in building and hard-scape design, which he has used to design and engineer some of our company’s award-winning projects. When Mike is not working, he enjoys spending time with his wife, Lindsey, their sons, Wyatt & Waylon, and going hunting, boating, and spending every possible second on the motocross track.

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20559 S. Lone Elm Rd., Spring Hill, KS 66083

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20559 S. Lone Elm Rd., Spring Hill, KS 66083
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