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The KansasCityConcrete FAQ

We remain true to the same principles on which our company: providing superior service to our clients, putting safety first, creating opportunities for our people!


Q. Does KansasCityConcrete give free estimates?

A. Yes, all of the estimates are free. Some projects require a “design deposit” to create renderings and construction drawings. If you use KansasCityConcrete for the construction, 100% of this deposit is applied to the project.

Q. How does KansasCityConcrete remove the existing concrete?

A. We use a small, walk‐behind skid loader that fits most gates so we rarely have to remove fencing. The skid loader has a jack hammer attachment for breaking the concrete. We pick up the old concrete and haul it off to a quarry to be recycled into other products. KansasCityConcrete will also tear down and remove existing wooden decks.

Q. Is KansasCityConcrete’ showroom open to the public?

A. Yes, we have a showroom available that is open Monday through Friday from 8am – 6pm. You can stop by to view samples and photos or you can call us and schedule a time to visit with one of our designers at no charge.

Q. Will there be damage to our yard during the process?

A. Generally, no – which is something that really sets us apart from our competitors. We have specialized equipment that is designed to minimize any possible damage to your lawn. We install sheeting on the ground to protect the turf and sheeting on the house to protect from splatter or flying debris. On jobs that have several features (such as outdoor kitchens or fireplaces) there might be extra clean‐up required, but we will make you aware of this and always give you a price to make it as good as new.

Q. Can KansasCityConcrete overlay concrete on top of existing concrete?

A. KansasCityConcrete does not install overlays outdoors; we will install them indoors, however. Our local climate is not conducive to overlays. The multiple freeze and thaw cycles we get, sometimes even in the same day, actually damage overlay products. Additionally, the raw materials cost for concrete overlay product is significant; so much so that we can usually tear out existing concrete and replace it with a new attractive, better‐performing, integral colored slab for about the same price. We can and do install overlays indoors where removing existing concrete is not usually feasible.

Q. Do we need to take care of the irrigation system before KansasCityConcrete arrives?

A. You are always welcome to manage your own system, but KansasCityConcrete can usually make adjustments to the irrigation system for little or no additional cost. If there are many adjustments needed, we charge a flat hourly rate (plus materials, at cost) to do so. We want to make the process as easy as possible for you!

Q. Does KansasCityConcrete also install pavers?

A. Yes, we will install paver products but only if there is a concrete base underneath the pavers to prevent the inevitable waves and settling. By installing a concrete base under the pavers along with a geo fabric and sand base we can be sure your pavers will never become a victim to the always moving Kansas and Missouri soil!

Q. What is KansasCityConcrete’ process for installing a stamped concrete patio?

A. The first thing KansasCityConcrete will do when they arrive is lay down sheeting and install sheeting around the house for protection. We then do a site survey to make sure everything is ready. Once everything looks satisfactory, we will begin the demolition of the existing patio, driveway, or deck. Usually that same day, we will be able to start the forming for the concrete, setting our subgrade and structural steel. We may be able to get the concrete placed on the first day depending on the time of day, job size, etc. After the concrete is placed, we will do a basic clean up, then leave the property until the next business day. We will arrive that very next morning to wash of the excess powder release (dull gray substances on the top of the concrete), cut control joints, and seal the concrete. It is then we can do a more thorough cleaning, after which we will leave the property again. Again due to time of day, we will come back after a few hours or the next day to do a scheduled walk-through with you. Lastly, we apply a final coat of sealer and collect final payment.

Q. Does KansasCityConcrete install control cuts to your concrete?

A. Always! We install our control joints to the specifications given to us by the American Concrete Institute. This prevents unwanted cracking. The control joint is cut one‐fourth of the depth of the slab and creates a weak point. By creating the weak point we are telling the concrete slab where to crack (where you will not notice it). The steel reinforcement and added concrete‐strengthening microfibers create a resilient product.

Q. Is KansasCityConcrete licensed?

A. Yes! We are a licensed contractor in both Kansas and Missouri. We are also licensed by the American Concrete Institute for finish and flat work and we are certified through the Mid‐West Concrete Industry Board. KansasCityConcrete President, Mike Denny, is on the Board of Directors for the Concrete Promotional Group of Kansas City and is Chairperson for the Decorative Concrete Board of Kansas City. Check out the Portland Cement Association for more information on concrete installation.

Q. What does KansasCityConcrete offer for payment options?

A. KansasCityConcrete accepts cash and checks, as well as all major credit cards. Ask your sales person for more details.

Q. Does KansasCityConcrete give free estimates?

A. Yes, all of the estimates are free. Some projects require a “design deposit” to create renderings and construction drawings. If you use KansasCityConcrete for the construction, 100% of this deposit is applied to the project.

Q. How does KansasCityConcrete place concrete?

A. Placement depends on the job. For a patio, we typically use a motorized buggy that runs across the protective sheeting, so that minimal damage is done to the turf. For larger jobs, we often use a concrete placement truck.

Q. Is KansasCityConcrete insured?

A. Yes! KansasCityConcrete has full coverage liability and full coverage Worker’s Compensation. We will be happy to provide proof of insurance, as is requested.

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